Chris Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, is taking the bold step of saying that Brown is being unfairly persecuted by the L.A. County District Attorney. Sort of like that white dude Breezy painted on those crosses.

Geragos claimed that not only were the D.A.'s accusations of Brown skipping out on community service false, but they were also fraudulent. "You will see in the motion that was filed today [Feb. 6], that as soon as the D.A.'s motion became public, the Richmond P.D. responded last night and again this afternoon unprovoked by anything other than the news reports," he fumed.

Geragos said that the claims were "demonstrably false on at least five separate instances." The high power attorney went on to say that he would like to file sanctions as well as a case of contempt in court against the D.A.'s office for using false documents.

"I have never, in 30 years of practice, ever had a client -- and I've had a wide breadth and thousands of clients -- never, ever had a client who has been tortured by a D.A.'s office on probation like Chris Brown has."

Geragos went on to talk about how the falsehoods came about and criticized the press for not doing more digging into the story. He also provided some documentation proving that a few of Brown's contested community service dates actually happened, such as the checks and invoices for the extra security Chris hired while working.

He also mentioned that Rihanna was in court and that she, beacon of wise decisions, maturity and discretion, thinks Brown's treatment by the D.A. is nuts. And really, what else do you need?