Mystikal is getting ready to drop his first album in 12 years. The project titled “Original” is scheduled to be released sometime in June. His last album, “Tarantula”, was released in 2001. He spent 6 years in prison after admitting to extortion and forcing his hairstylist to perform sexual acts.

Mystikal signed to Cash Money Records in November of 2011. He’s been working on tracks with Birdman and Lil Wayne, which came as a shock to most. Early in his career, he had a well documented feud with Cash Money artists like Weezy and B.G.. He even put out a Cash Money diss record titled “Beware.”

During an interview with Rolling Stone he said we can expect guest appearances on the album by Wayne, Future, Busta Rhymes and Rick Ross. The New Orleans rapper has been listening to everyone from Ludacris to Master P to Eddie Murphy for inspiration. Mystikal has never had a traditional rap style, so he’s keeping an open mind and trying new things musically.

“The sound that’s prominent on the radio and on hit records now, all that sound the same. I don’t want all my hits to sound like that. I’m writing songs to perform, to entertain, and when I’m really trying to get inspired I go backwards and I just rap.”