Rihanna is catching some hate from a veteran journalist. Tina Brown, the Daily Beast Editor-In-Chief, is not happy that RiRi appeared with Chris Brown in court Wednesday (Feb. 6) to support him during his probation hearing.

In a Feb. 7 tweet, Tina Brown writes, "@rihanna, you are a big fat zero as a role model for girls."

The 'Pour It Up' songstress has not responded to the editor's comment yet, but it's not like Rihanna hasn't heard this before. Ever since the songbird teamed up with Breezy on 'Birthday Cake,' and most recently, 'Nobody's Business,' critics have stated that she is allowing young women to think domestic violence is acceptable.

Now comes word that both Rihanna and Brown will walk the red carpet together at Sunday's Grammy Awards. Rumor also has it that the couple will perform at the music gala, which will certainly infuriate the veteran editor if she see this on television.

In her defense, Rihanna did say she wasn't a role model. Recently, she posted a rebellious picture on her Instagram page with the statement, "Don’t call me a bad role model then act surprised when I do some bad role model type s---."

Tina Brown must have missed that memo.

What do you think? Do you agree that Rihanna is a bad role model? Tell us in the comments below.

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