This pandemic has stupidity running rampant through the US. This woman named Elizabeth Daniels allegedly fell victim to greed and now she faces time in jail. The reason she is going to jail is definitely BIG DUMMY FILES worthy. Elizabeth was a caregiver for an elderly woman who just died from COVID-19, she took the woman’s death as an opportunity to steal a 13,000 ring.

According to the Denver DA, The caretaker Elizabeth Daniels was aiding 86-year old Barbara Gust when she allegedly stole and pawned her diamond engagement ring. This was during the 86 year old final days in quarantine, which means before the woman was dead she was stealing things from her.

Elizabeth didn’t stop at stealing the woman’s $13,000 ring, she stole the woman’s credit card and continued to make purchases with it. The woman’s family had to interrupt their funeral arrangements to call the cops to arrest the former caregiver. What was she thinking? The family was probably looking for a $13,000 dollar ring immediately and the fact the lady continued using the credit card practically led the police to her house.

Welcome Elizabeth, to the BIG DUMMY FILES.

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