The latest person to fall victim to illegal butt injections is Kelly Mayhew. Kelly was a 34-year-old woman who drove more than 200 miles from Suitland, Maryland to New York on Saturday to get silicone butt injections. Kelly, who traveled with with her mother, arrived at a home in Queens, NY where the illegal procedure was performed.

After she received the silicone injections, Kelly started gurgling and having difficulty breathing, her mother told police. The mother started performing CPR and told the woman who performed the procedure to call 911 but the suspect grabbed her keys, ran out of the house and drove off in a gray SUV.

When police got to the house about 6:50pm, Emergency Medical Service personnel were already performing CPR on Kelly. She was rushed to to a local hospital where she died. The suspect, according to police, wiped her social media accounts clean and is still on the loose. Kelly's mother told police her daughter underwent five previous illegal butt procedures prior to Saturday's fatal one.

Is having a big butt really worth not being alive anymore ? Any one with common sense would say no. Strippers have made this fad into a grand and the sad part about this woman is she was a professional with a college degree. All that was worth sacrificing to have a big butt. Her mother should've talked her out of this dangerous procedure. Its a shame she had to watch her daughter die from something so pointless. This just seems like a selfish decision for no reason. R.I.P.