Wiz Khalifa doesn't just go gallivanting around the globe, taking photos with naked Playboy models; he also gives back to his neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Penn. It truly seems he's become the town's unofficial mayor, which you can see in the visuals for his song "Still Down," featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Taylor Gang rapper Chevy Woods. The song is off of Wiz's 2014 album, Blacc Hollywood.

Part video, part documentary, the newly-single rapper takes us on a journey through his  hometown block while his friends talk about the local crime. The song doesn't actually begin until the video hits the 2:38-mark.

"Pittsburgh is definitely a violent city with the youth," one man says at the start of the clip. "The youth are very misguided, I feel like. There's not enough like older guys, or even like brothers or maybe fathers hugging their kids or something. I lost a brother. A member of my family. And another mother and father have lost another son."

There's also some cool performance shots of Wiz, as he rhymes in a fur coat in the middle of the hood. Clearly, director Gerard Victor does a splendid job of meshing opulence and grittiness since the rapper rocks a slew of jewelry and a pricey looking watch.

Towards the end, the rapper's friends talk about how he inspires them and genuinely express their support of his career.

Watch Wiz Khalifa return to the block above.

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