Donald Trump just opened up the whole Stop & Frisk can of worms. This has been a big issue in New York City for quite some time.

Stop & Frisk is considered un constitutional because it violates one of the basic rights protecting American citizens from un warranted search and seizures. I guess Donald Trump didn't get the memo, so when asked about how to end issues that effect African Americans, his answer was to bring back stop and frisk.

Even when told that the Stop & Frisk program was ended because it was racist. Donald totally ignore the fact that this had been ruled unconstitutional, he still went on with his rant of how the program got guns away from bad people. The Don's reply was very stereotypical not all African American's livein crime ridden neighborhoods, but most are steretyped as living in these conditions. It seems like these are the only African Americans that exist in the Don's world. This whole election has been an insult to American intelligence. I don't see how walking around checking random people in the land of the free is the answer to inner city crime. Do you think that implementing stop & frisk would lower crime in the Capital Region ?