Private citizens in the United Kingdom began getting vaccinations for COVID-19 yesterday, and the FDA is set to approve the Pfizer vaccination any day now. The dilemma for legislators in New York state is whether or not to mandate that each New Yorker receive a vaccination.

The country is being ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic right now, and Governor Andrew Cuomo believes that the first doses of the Pfizer vaccination will arrive in New York this weekend. Legislators are trying to determine if the vaccination would be a requirement.

According to News 10, Linda Rosenthal, an Assemblymember, introduced a bill that would require vaccinations for COVID-19 in New York. She said, “It is only if we do not reach herd immunity would we give the NYS Department of Health the authority to go and regulate it and see who needs to get it, but that’s a long way off”.

According to News10 Legislation is also being introduced to prohibit a mandate against COVID-19 vaccination. Republican Assemblyman John Salka introduced a bill that would prohibit the state from requiring New Yorkers to be vaccinated.

Hermes Fernandez, a New York State Bar Association member, cites laws already on the books that mandate vaccinations for children. He said, “There are a number of mandates for vaccines that are already in state law. Most of them deal with vaccines that children have to receive right before they are able to enter school.”

It appears that the vaccine debates have been pushed up a notch. COVID-19 takes public health to another level. Simply breathing on another person, whether you know them or not, could infect them with a deadly virus. So what are your thoughts, do you think that the vaccine should be required and are you ready to take it?

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