I know you noticed it, it's Capital Region lore at this point. You're driving on the Northway passing Exit 5...Exit 4...and all of a sudden you're at Exit 2. You knew it didn't exist but have you ever wondered why we have no Exit 3?

Do you know the story of Exit 3? About a half a century ago, according to the Times Union, there were plans to build an "Exit 3" of the Northway. The original plans called for an Interstate 687 that was going to connect what is now the I-90 Corporate Woods exit to the Northway via an Exit 3 and then to Albany International Airport. There was even a sign that said "Exit 3 To Be Built." In 1973, though, the original plans for a I-687 was scrapped over various opposition. Since the space was already left and the surround exits already figured out, the national interstate highway plan just didn't include changing anything around.

Among other previous plans to build an Exit 3, the most recent was back in February 2004, when NYSDOT did have plans in place to build an Exit 3 calling it the "Adirondack Northway Exit 3 Project" but plans on that had been scrapped for a new focus.

Of course, then, when I heard about the upgrades to Exit 4 and the ability to access the Albany International Airport, I thought this was the moment for an Exit 3 to shine but, alas, Governor Cuomo has no plans to open up an Exit 3, but I still don't rule it out for the future. Now it continues to be a way for Capital Region people to play tricks on those from outside of the area.

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