You think you're helping until you realize you're getting unwanted attention that could be dangerous to you and those around you so Saratoga put a fine on it.

You put a bird feeder out in your yard because you think you're doing something nice for the birds in your community (and maybe some squirrels too) but according to the Times Union, that's not all you're attracting.

Bear complaints across the state have doubled since last year. Bears are attracted to food and that source could either be pet food or unsecured trash but the Department of Environmental Conservation has also begun to blame birdfeeders.

Now, the DEC is starting to write tickets to communities, including one Saratoga County town in particular, as a warning to take down the feeders. Those tickets could "carry a maximum penalty under state wildlife law of $250 or up to 15 days in jail." Remember, that means going to jail because you didn't want to take down your birdfeeder.

Sure, chances are you're not going to go looking for a bear to feed it or feed it by hand if you happen to see one in your yard but you may not even know that the simplest thing could be luring them right to you.

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