In case you doubted the severity of the danger Post Malone and other passengers faced on a Tuesday (August 21) flight after an aircraft's tires blew, the rapper says he had reason to believe he'd die, and sent a goodbye text message to his loved ones in case he didn't make it out alive.

In a new interview with TMZ, Post — who said he "f------ hates" flying — noted that there was a point at which he genuinely believed he'd reached the end.

"I just put everybody in a big group text to tell them I love them, just in case," he said. "I didn't want to f------ freak people out...I was just thinking about the possibilities, the outcomes."

Post said issues arose after the plane's second takeoff. The vessels had already taken off and landed once after sensors had begun blaring. It was upon the next go-around, though, that he said he heard tires pop and suddenly felt like he was in dire straits.

"I don't know if it was smoke or whatever coming in, but it was like 'S---, this is not good at all,'" he said, before giving the pilots a tremendous amount of credit.

"They handled it perfect — it couldn't have gone smoother," he said. "We were just stuck in the air for so long not knowing when we'd go down."

The horror considered, Post said making it out of the experience unscathed gave him incentive to live.

"I'm a live, I'm f------ ready to party," he joked. "Live your life, get it on, man. I'm super happy. It feels good to be out in the sunshine."

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