As the summer winds down, there is still a significant threat of ticks. Now a new species has been discovered in eight states and is harder to detect. It has been found here in New York. There is another threat of ticks that has arrived in New York state. According to News 10 ABC,  it is called the Asian Longhorned Tick and has been discovered in seven other states. The size varies from as large as an apple seed and as tiny as a poppy seed and it's a light brown color.

Even though it has not affected people in the United States, it comes from Eastern Asia and it has given serious diseases to wild animals, livestock and people. So far the New York State Department of Health said there is no indication that this particular tick is a problem here in the states. However, they will continue their research.

You are reminded to keep protecting yourself from all species of ticks. Continue to wear long shirts and pants, use repellant containing DEET, walk in the center of hiking trails and take a shower within two hours after you return from being outside.

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