Up and coming artist Suave The Don from Lansingburgh, NY just dropped his first EP " Matter Of Grind". Its a 9 track album with features from Lougotcash, Eazy Swindles and Austin Awake. Suave dropped the album February 11th and it can now be streamed on all platforms.

I think the album is well put together, and shout out to the producers that brought the song beats to life, DOCondabeat,Loesoe,TomCBumpz,SoundsbyTwan,Cooleyonthebeat,IzakBeats. Some songs that stuck out to me the most was "Cali, Stimulation, Big Flex, Exotic and Pay Her Rent". I actually had the pleasure of being in the studio when Suave and Lou Got Cash made the song " Exotic" and to see it come to life after laying the tracks down I am a fan of that song. Another one is "Cali" from the beat to the lyrics its a hit, I love seeing Suave and Eazy perform that song, its a banger. One for the books. Shout out to Suave for a dope project. Be on the lookout for more music and catch Suave open up for G Herbo Friday, Feb 22 at the Albany Capital Center and go stream his album “Matter Of Grind”.


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