Up and coming artist Jay Sway518 and his good friend Nick Ventura  who is a financial advisor stopped by the Hot 991 studios to talk about music and how important it is for artists and people in general to handle there finances .

Jay Sway who is originally born in Russia came to the states when he was only 2 and been in Albany since. Jay Sway's humbleness and personality is very much liked among the people he encounters and his wisdom and knowledge sets him apart from others. One thing I admired from the interview with  Jay is that through everything the good and bad he still managed to turn his pain into music that others can appreciate and relate to too. Fun Fact Jay has two types of music Happy Jay Sway and Angry loud Jay Sway, so he has  music for any mood your in.

During the interview we talked about his connects with Famous Dex, living in Cali for a few months, new music and  visuals coming soon but one really important topic we did discuss was talking about when artists get there first deal and that BIG check how no one really does the right thing as far as investing. Nick Ventura gave us some pointers on why it is important to handle those financial things first and ways to invest your money.

Check out the full interview below and check out Jay Sway518 performing March 29th at Jupiter Hall.

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