It's that time of the year. Halloween season is upon us. Normally everyone always spotlights some of the best costumes. But what about the folks who take the time, energy and effort to make their homes spook-tacular.
For many people decorating their homes for Halloween is a big tradition. It's not just about carving pumpkins and putting them on the front porch anymore. Now-a-days decorations include everything from light shows and mini cemeteries to giant characters taking over peoples' lawns. Neighbors and passersby truly get a sense of what Halloween is about. Many homes even look as though they could really be haunted.

Some of these homes create an experience you have to see to believe. Do you or your neighbors have a Halloween display that would spark fright or fun? Send us pics or feel free to tag us @hot991 or @djbiz518 on Instagram. Happy Halloween!

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