You and I knew it was coming, another lawsuit. Instead of taking accountability for being addicted to e-cigarettes, another smoker is suing Juul the mega vaping giant for severe health problems.

According to the Daily Gazette The Ballston spa woman's attorney's say the 25-year-old's medical condition, because of her vaping addiction, is unheard of for a woman her age. The lawsuit blames the e-cig company for 25-year-old Rayn Nigro's nicotine addiction. Nigro's attorneys blame Juul for marketing to young users, who are most likely to become lifelong customers, and they say they hope litigation will hold the company responsible for what they're calling an epidemic.

"Here the actions of Juul with marketing flavors like mango, and strawberry milk, and cucumber, that was irresponsible," Overholtz said. "You can't just start selling those and marketing them to kids without proper testing, without proper studies to make sure they're safe and effective, and we know that's not the case for Juul."

I do agree with her attorney’s regarding their marketing ploy. When I was growing up I remember the little candy cigarettes you could eat, they tasted like a sweet chalk, but it was the in thing to walk around with a fake cigarette which was actually candy. It was a popularity contest to show that you are cool and like an adult. Same kind of marketing ploy is happening here, making sweet flavors and commercials geared towards the youth.

It’s shameful, that these big corporate giants keep targeting our children to become nicotine users. But there has to be some type of accountability here as well, everyone knows nicotine is addictive, no difference than caffeine. People must wise up and not play when it comes to their health.
Do you think that the corporation should be held liable for health problems and consumers addiction? Let’s talk about it.

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