The year 2020 has been a strange and tragic year for many people. Let’s look back at some of the things we went through in 2020.

The year started off in January with the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter. We couldn’t concentrate too much on the death of Kobe Bryant because more tragedy was ahead of us.

We heard about people in Wuhan, China who were suffering from a strange disease. TV images showed Chinese citizens walking around with masks on. We were not very concerned about it, because China seems so far away.

In March the World Health Organization declared COVID19 as a global pandemic. At that point, we began to take the strange virus a little more seriously here.

In the middle of March, we learned the phrase COVID-19. Schools began to close their doors and people began walking around wearing gloves and masks while shopping.

By the beginning of April all non-essential government offices, private entities, and schools all over the nation were shut down.

The Coronavirus Task Force began holding televised Press conferences on a daily basis. The briefings were put on pause after Donald Trump wondered aloud whether light or disinfectant could be used inside the body to kill COVID-19.

George Floyd was killed on May 30 and protests broke out all over the world. Here in Albany, most protests remained peaceful, but there were some cases of rioting and looting.

All summer long activists were out in our community protesting racism and police brutality. Lawmakers made some strides in bridging the gap between law enforcement and Black people. New York legislatures passed laws that would hold police officers accountable when they abuse their authority.

Election day 2020 has been unforgettable. Citizens turned out in droves, in the middle of a pandemic, to make their voices heard. Since that time, Donald Trump has refused to concede to Joe Biden.

For two months now, Donald Trump has been in and out of court with claims of voter fraud. Thus far he has been unsuccessful in overturning any of the votes that went to Biden. He just keeps losing over and over again. Now all eyes are looking toward January 6 when Congress convenes to confirm Joe Biden as the 46th President of the US.

As we look back at some of the events of 2020, we can see that we've made it through some tremendous obstacles. We are still here and we can only hope and pray that 2021 will be a better year for all of us. What will you remember the most about 2020?

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