You ever watched something and it turnt your stomach and then you instantly wish you never watched that? Well, that's exactly how I felt after watching the What The Health documentary.

I heard a couple things about it and saw small clips float through on my Facebook timeline, but to watch the whole documentary from start to finish really makes you question the things you eat on a regular basis.

I remember in high school watching a documentary on this dude that decided to eat McDonald's for a whole month straight. It had a minor effect on me due to the fact that 99% of the world knows that eating McDonald's is bad however we still eat it from time to time. But this documentary made me think a lot about the food I eat and think is good for your body.

No, I did not go vegan or anything like that. However, it definitely put a little thought in my head to question and think before I eat something and attempt to make better eating choices.

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