A new survey asked people to give their significant other letter grades in a bunch of different aspects of their relationship. And the overall grade that people wound up with was . . . a B-minus.

Here are the average grades in 10 key categories

1. Making an effort with their partner's family and parents, B-minus. 2. Romance overall, C-plus.
3. Being spontaneous, C.
4. Listening, C-plus.
5. Humor, B-minus.
6. Cleanliness, B.
7. Sex life, B.
8. Overall foreplay skill, B-minus.
9. Patience, C-plus.
10. Taste in movies and TV, B-minus.

What would you give your significant other, a lot of people’s ego couldn’t handle some of these categories. If your significant other is receiving anything less that a C in any of these categories it might be time for you to do something different. Sit down and write down honest answers if you want to truly access your relationship I think this survey is missing one category which is important to every relationship and that is financial responsibility.

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