It seems like being a kid has been totally revised.  Over the last decade, kids are growing up differently than people that were raised in the 80’s and 90’s.  According to a recent survey at Relay, the discovered mass screen overload; Families are dealing with screen overload at home. The average household has 15 tech devices 10 of them with screens
1.  Would you let your 10-year-old stay home alone for an hour or two?  53% said THEY did it by the time they were 10 . . . but only 36% said it's okay for kids today.
2.  Walk or bike to school alone?  68% did it . . . only 43% would let their kids do it now.
3.  Play in a public park on their own?  51% did it as kids . . . only 26% would let their kids do it now.
4.  Play in the yard without an adult.  91% did it . . . 78% would let their kids do it today.
5.  Go trick-or-treating on Halloween without an adult?  44% did it when they were kids . . . only 24% would let their own kids do it.
While the results of this survey may seem alarming, there are many new dangers that face children in society more so than when I was a child.  I agree with parents not letting kids play outside alone we see crazy stories about grown adults every day.  Why would you let your children under 10 years old face the craziness on their own?  What were you allowed to do, that you won't allow your children to do?

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