This weekend was pretty dope. One for the books. Busy, Fun, and exciting all in one.

Friday night Jess Hilarious aka Jess Wit The Mess came to Albany NY for a girls night out comedy tour. Before she hit the stage she stopped by Hot 991 studios for a interview and  to tell us a little bit of what to expect from her stand up comedy. Lets just say Jess is both funny on and off the gram. Shout out to Precious and Pretty Ricki too they came in did there thing. All 3 I would definitely check them out again.

Saturday was a super busy day. The LOX had a show at the Upstate Concert Hall which if it  was on any other day I would of been there. One of my favorite rap groups and there song lyrics has gotten me through some difficult times in my life.

Anyhow I attended the "The Homecoming Concert" at the Times Union Center. It was UAlb's official homecoming after party. Cardi B, Charley Black, Lil Pump, Famous Dex and Ynf Lucci all came through and did there thing. My favorite performance was Famous Dex and Ynf Lucci. Cardi B would of made that list but she only did 4 songs and wasn't interacting with the crowd like she usually does ( i'll blame it on her being a little under the weather.) Next big concert alert coming soon.