Do you ever wake up in the morning and remember your dream and think to yourself "what the heck was that about?" Good, because so do I, ALOT!! Well, I think it's time you and I start looking deeper into our dreams.

Bright and early this morning as I regretfully woke up to the unwelcome sound of my 6:30 am alarm, I had vivid memories of running around the town of Rotterdam and Jay Leno's face appearing out of nowhere. Scary right? Well , the Leno image that is.

I did live in Rotterdam from 10th grade up until I was around 20 or so, so that part of my dream made sense. And as you may or may not know, it was announced last week that Leno has lost his hosting gig on The Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon and I was beyond happy to hear this, so maybe that's why his big old dome showed up in my dream.

But, the running?  Now I would like to get running , exercise, and live healthy again, but in my dream I was running like the wind, light as a feather, full of ease and that would not be even the case if I stepped outside right now started even fast walking.

Ok, ok, I used to have the dream dictionary books at home when I was young you caught me. But those are packed away somewhere, so of course I went online and started looking up those handy dandy dream interpretation sites. If you are like me, and you want to find meaning to your dreams and or nightmares then you should check out this site: www.dreammoods.com It is super user friendly, fun, and quite interesting.

I found out that according to the site, running alone is a "sign of motivation and determination", I'll take that, run on!!! Typing in Jay Leno didn't get me too far, shocker.

Translating your dreams may help put your mind at ease the next time you wake up with a memory of your teeth falling out!! This is a very common dream, and according to the site,  can be interpreted as a "lack of self confidence"! So get it together you! Raise your head up high, walk tall and proud around the Capital Region! (Especially because you still have all of your teeth!!)





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