In Australia, they call him the “Casanova Conman.”
He purportedly posed as a multimillionaire to marry women and drain their life savings.
He supposedly grifted a sizeable sum of money out of his own mother.
He allegedly hired a hitman to kill his fiancée when she found out his real wife was still alive.
He fled his country to live in the US on forged documents.
He hid… in Watervliet??

It's like something out of a Lifetime movie, but it’s the actual lifetime of Paul Carter – known in the Capital Region as Paul Hamilton – who was fined $5 thousand in US District Court in Albany on Wednesday per the Times Union. Who is Paul Carter and how did he end up here?

The Timeline of the “Casanova Conman”


Paul Carter allegedly poses as a multimillionaire real estate developer in his native Australia. A charming ladies’ man with a reputation for lavish living, he gets married and divorced numerous times after leeching the fortunes of the women he meets on dating websites and apps under false aliases.

He has a son with one wife, Brooklin, and allegedly steals as much as $2 million from her and her family under the auspices of business loans that he uses on fast cars, designer clothes, and fancy living. (9News Australia)

Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash


Carter immigrates into Boston as ‘Paul Hamilton’ with his then-wife, both picking up E-2 visas –  used by big spenders like venture capitalists and high-level investors who can buy their way into the country on commercial grounds – falsely claiming they jointly own a construction company. They move to the Capital Region.

Carter returns to Melbourne, Australia on business and meets Katherine De Bois, whom he woos and tells his wife had died of bone cancer. They get engaged and begin planning their fairytale wedding in New York City on New Year’s Eve and honeymoon to Bora Bora.

By her account, De Bois receives a mysterious phone call revealing the truth that Carter is not what, or who, he seems and breaks off the engagement after discovering the truth.

Photo by Hannah Wei on Unsplash
Photo by Hannah Wei on Unsplash


Carter continues working in the Capital Region as a developer.

De Bois claims Carter stalked and threatened to kill her on numerous occasions, including once where he said he had hired someone called “The Toe Cutter” that, “Wanted to put [De Bois] through a tree shredder at a pig farm.”


Carter and his wife travel to Toronto to renew their visas and are denied by the State Department, but they find a legal loophole to get two extra years of living in the US.

De Bois publishes her tell-all book about her experience with Paul, The Girl Who Roared Quietly.


Carter and his wife divorce and he remarries a new woman, Kelly Sayer.


Carter and his ex-wife are both charged with visa fraud on April 7.

On a search of his Watervliet property, law enforcement finds forged business and law degrees from Australian universities under the Hamilton alias, plus a forged letter confirming citizenship, New York driver’s license, and fake confirmation of holding millions of dollars in trust.

Carter pleads guilty on September 15.

Photo by Sasun Bughdaryan on Unsplash
Photo by Sasun Bughdaryan on Unsplash


On May 11, Carter is sentenced to time served plus a $5 thousand fine by US District Judge Thomas McAvoy.

US Customs and Immigration Enforcement agents serve Carter with a summons at the courtroom. He is to appear at an ICE office, where arrangements will be made to send him back to Australia. This is not a formal extradition, as Carter has yet to be charged with any crimes in his homeland.

As he is legally married to a US citizen, Carter seeks permission to stay in the country. He and his wife submitted a request to move to San Diego, CA for her work. They have not received a formal ruling on that request.

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