Most people know about Area 51 out in the remote desert around Groom Lake in Nevada. It's a secret (or not so secret...since everyone knows about it) airbase that is the subject of many urban legends over the years.

Some people say there are crashed alien spaceships being stored and studied there. Others believe there are secret experiments involving time travel and multi-verse travel that would allow us to move between different dimensions in time and space. Sounds like something out of Doctor Who doesn't it?

In actuality, Area 51 is probably where they a building experimental aircraft and military weapons. The Stealth bomber came out of Area 51 so I imagine they build stuff like that all the time.

Area 51 in Watertown, NY has an interesting supernational history all its own, and a real connection to the infamous Area 51 in Nevada.

There is an area in Thompson Park in Watertown, NY that has been the subject of research about strange things happening in what's known as "The Thompson Park Vortex". According to local legend people that enter this vortex disappear and reappear in different parts of the park. Mysterious disappearances and reappearances have been reported since the park opened in 1905. Sometimes the people that have gone through the vortex report being disoriented and confused.

According to the article at eyewitnesses to this supernational teleportation say that the vortex has moved around the park so you're never quite sure when you might stumble into it.

In 2013 Watertown officials put up a sign declaring the Thompson Park Vortex, Watertown's Area 51.

So what's the connection to the military base in the desert? Area 51 is known as Watertown Strip. That name was given to the secret base by CIA Director Allen Dulles, who was a Watertown native.

......cue the X-Files music.....


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