Video posted to Reddit's Albany Forum on Thursday shows a multicar crash on Alternate Route 7 in Colonie. The timestamp on the dashcam says it happened Thursday afternoon shortly before 4pm.

The vehicle with the dashcam is traveling westbound and is slowing down due to flashing police lights off to the right side of the road. Over on the eastbound side, its tough to tell, but there appears to be a truck crossing lanes that hits the back of a black car. The red truck comes to a stop in the middle lane, causing others to stop as well.

As cars are hitting their brakes eastbound, a maroon sedan can be seen trying to avoid the stopped vehicles, but not moving in time. It slammed into the back of a minivan, which spins around, gets hit by another car and eventually winds up in the median - nearly crossing over into the westbound lane. At least four cars were involved in the accident.

Turns out the State Police cruiser on the westbound side was already in the process of taking care of a two car accident at the time of the eastbound melee. A state police officer can be seen walking from the one accident to the other to check on the crash victims.

If the video does not appear below, you can watch it here

It's not known if there were any injuries or what the severity of those might have been, but according to comments left by Reddit users, it had traffic backed up pretty significantly on Alternate 7 in both directions on Thursday afternoon.

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