Last night (Oct 21.), a Danny Brown concert unexpectedly turned into an engagement celebration when a couple got engaged in the middle of the rapper's show.

Footage of the special moment was captured by journalist Matt Goodman who was in attendance. In what looks like a stopping point in the show, Brown gives a fan a mic and steps to the side and lets him speak. "This is the first day in two months that I've seen this girl," the man says referring to a woman who is standing next to him. "Just out of the blue we were like let's see if Danny Brown is going to be in town while you will be here. And sure enough, [on the] 21st Dan Brown was in fucking town. So I just want to ask you one question babe," the man says before kneeling and pulling an engagement ring out of his pocket.

The crowd loses it's damn mind. After she accepts the request, and they share a warm embrace, everyone is pumped, including Danny who raises his fists in excitement before getting back into the show.

The Detroit rapper is three weeks out from dropping his most recent LP Atrocity Exhibition, which pushes the limits once again. The follow up to his 2013 project Old, AE features 15 tracks with guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Earl Sweatshirt, B-Real, Petite Noir and Kelela.

Check out our review of the brilliant yet bizarre project here.

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