Hip-hop has been showing love to Minister Louis Farrkhan for years and Vic Mensa is joining his peers in showing respect. Earlier this month, the rapper shared a photo on Instagram of himself alongside Kanye West and the Honorable Minister Farrakhan after a dinner meeting in Vic’s hometown of Chicago. In the photo's caption, the 23-year-old rapper gave his followers a bit of an insight on his conversation with Farrakhan.

For the Innanetape MC, the meeting with the Nation of Islam leader served as a powerful and moving experience. Mensa speaks with XXL about the encounter, sharing the gems that Farrakhan left him. “Farrakhan was just giving game," Mensa says. "Just laying out why a lot of things are the way that they are. How we can challenge them. You know, he was talking about slipping these messages into music."

The rapper also gives details on Farrakhan's experience at Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour, which he attended the night before their dinner. “When he had gone to Kanye’s show the night before, [he was] feeling like he was seeing a new generation of youth and specifically of White people, which I agree with," Mensa adds. "He was saying, 'You got kids here at this Kanye concert who have grown up with Black idols.' You know, it's hard to hold on to racism when you have Black idols, like real idols.”

Mensa touches on his experience growing up in Chicago with different types of people and how it helped him love many races. “Personally, the people that I move with on a daily basis and my close friends have never been divided by color because we grew up in an environment where my first best friend was a Jewish kid," he shares. "I went to Jewish pre-school. You know, my manager Cody he’s from the suburbs but he’s grown up his whole life loving people of different races and that’s how I am.”

Check out Vic Mensa talk more in detail about his meeting with Minister Farrakhan above and his thoughts on voting in the 2016 presidential election below.

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