Lil Wayne isn’t the only one with NBA-related beef. Add MMG rapper, Wale to the list. While at a Washington Wizards game, he was talking trash to Toronto Raptors player, Rudy Gay. During the broadcast, you can see Rudy firing back at the DC native after draining a three point bucket. The commentators threw a jab at Wale as well.

“A fan heckling him and supposedly, this fan is a well-known LOCAL rapper. Wale. Locally, here.” As if that wasn’t enough, one of the commentators threw salt on the wound by adding “I’m sure somebody on Twitter could tell me if they exactly had ever heard of Wale. He’s not Drake, that’s for sure.”

Wale didn’t take kindly to the comments. He attempted to confront the commentators in the middle of their broadcast. No audio was captured but the incident was caught on camera.