Waka Flocka Flame has one of the most violent flows in the game. But when it comes to street violence he wants to make one thing clear, enough is enough. Waka will be hosting an anti-violence concert in Chicago in early June.

The windy city has seen their fair share of shootings, murders and other senseless acts of the last few years. Waka gave a statement to a press release, “Senseless acts of violence are happening all over the world, but it starts with us acknowledging the acts now. Chicago is the first but not the last for me.”

The event was organized by United In Peace INC. All proceeds from the concert will go to the organization.

United In Peace INC also plans on touring several Chicago high schools, colleges and elementary schools to help spread the positive message.

It’s always great to see artists from a genre of music that’s perceived by most to be violent getting involved with community initiatives like this. Way to go, Waka!