Come baaaaaack!!! Imagine you're sitting in your car, somebody goes by walking a dog. No big deal. A cat runs across the street. No big deal. A couple squirrels are chasing each other. Funny, but no big deal. A SHEEP comes barreling down the road from a slaughterhouse with a woman (the butcher?) chasing after it. Yes, that's Tik Tok worthy.

Courtney Monty was sitting in her car when the animal came trotting up Broadway and luckily and caught the debacle on video.

There's a ****ing sheep running up Broadway!

Somehow the animal got loose and ran from the slaughterhouse at the bottom of Broadway. The sheep was in no mood to be turned into a meal that day.

According to Courtney the sheep took off into the nearby woods, escaping the butcher, but was eventually (somehow) caught by a police officer after a long foot chase.

What became of the sheep? We haven't HERD officially, maybe he was heading to WOOLworths, but MUTTON has been confirmed.

Also, where do sheep go to get a haircut? A baa-baa shop. You're welcome.


[video width="648" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

video courtesy of Courtney Monty


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