The city of Troy is known as the home of Uncle Sam. As a matter of fact, the city of Troy is home to 30 Uncle Sams. Statues that is. Well, 29 now since one of the statues was decapitated over the weekend!


It appears the phrase "off with his head" was taken too literally this weekend in downtown Troy when one of the city's 30 statues of Uncle Sam was decapitated.

This isn't the first time the Uncle Sam statues were vandalized. Six of them were tagged with graffiti in the past & had to be repaired.

I personally have never been a fan of these types of statues, for example, the ones in downtown Albany creep me out! But still that is no excuse for vandalism.

There is a $425 reward for the culprits capture. Anyone with info can call Troy Police @ 518 270 4421

Hopefully the real Uncle Sam, Sam Wilson, is not turning over in  his grave in Oakwood Cemetary in North Troy!