I always flinch whenever I see a grave destroyed or damaged in a movie or on TV. For example, National Treasure. I love the movie, but there’s a scene where the bad guys open fire on Nic Cage in a cemetery and start blowing chunks out of headstones and I cringe every single time.

Maybe it’s because of the superstition behind disrespecting a grave, but I think its mainly a respect thing for me. But for a headstone to be destroyed in fiction is one thing, when one is destroyed in real life it’s a disgusting act. That’s why the Bennington, Vermont community is shocked and furious at the hundreds of graves destroyed this past weekend.

"Why Would Someone Do This?"

The town estimates more than 200 grave markers from the Bennington Village Cemetery were vandalized, as reported by News10. Headstones dating from modern day all the way back to the 1700s were knocked over and smashed in the night.

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The graves of numerous veterans from every American war were also desecrated, here less than a month before Veterans Day. The flags in front were ripped out of the ground and dropped in the dirt. Another particularly calloused vandalism occurred at the grave of a child who died in the 1800s.

Starting Repairs

The town of Bennington had recently invested more than $10,000 in restoring many of the graves. That was all undone in one weekend. City officials gathered to begin cleanup while police investigated. Department of Public Works employees will start formal repairs later this week.

The Vermont Old Cemetery Association, a non-profit that preserves and repairs old graves and headstones, has already stepped forward with an offer to help. Bennington Police are currently looking for any trail cams or security camera footage that could show a suspect, and are asking anyone with information to call 802-442-1030.

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