Actor Ezra Miller, best known for playing 'The Flash', was arrested Sunday night and is facing felony charges for a burglary that happened in Bennington County Vermont.

The 29 year old actor was charged with a burglary that happened on May 1st in the town of Stamford. Police say Miller broke into a home in the town and stole several bottles of alcohol. Nobody was in the home at the time. Surveillance video at the home apparently connected Miller to the incident. When the actor was located, a citation was issued for to appear in Bennington County court on September 26 to face the charges.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the police report indicates that Miller has an address in Stamford.

Ezra Miller Booking Photo
Ezra Miller Booking photo from Hawaii/Getty Images

The actor has had a number run ins with the law. As recently as April, Miller was arrested after throwing a chair that hit a woman in the head during a private party in Hawaii. One month prior, Miller was charged with disorderly conduct for an incident that happened at a Hawaii karaoke bar. Miller's Wikipedia page also alleges inappropriate behavior relating to incidents at the actor's Vermont residence

On a brighter note for Miller, The Flash is currently in post-production and is expected to be released in June of 2023. Movie co-stars include Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton (both billed as Batman for the movie). Miller is also reportedly playing the role of artist Salvador Dali in the movie Daliland - a release date hasn't been set.

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