Usher will hit the ‘Saturday Night Live’ stage for the third time as this week’s musical guest. He’ll be joined by ‘SNL’ alum Will Ferrell for the night’s host. Considering Ferrell is a comedic heavyweight, the promos for the episode are no less than hilarious.

In the first clip, Usher offers Ferrell a pound and says, “Respect.” Ferrell gets beyond excited about this and can barely believe it’s even happening. “You respect me?!” Ferrell asks, wide eyed. His enthusiasm is both appreciated by and confusing to the ever-cool Usher.

In the next, Ferrell asks Usher if he wants to see his “signature move.” After a bizarre interpretative movement (seriously, we have no clue what to call whatever it was), Usher is unimpressed, but concerned. “You okay, man?” he asks an out of breath Ferrell. “No,” the ‘Anchorman’ star pants. “No, I’m not okay.”

In the third and final promo, Ferrell once more announces that’s hosting ‘SNL’ with Usher as the musical guest, and Usher points out that it’s a Mother’s Day show. “And oh mother, am I going to bring it,” Ferrell says. “Mama, I’m coming home!” he continues. “‘Mamma Mia, the Musical!’” Usher, clearly embracing his role as the straight man, clues Ferrell in. “Okay. We get it.”

Usher can barely keep the smile off his face in the promotional clips, so he’s clearly having fun. We hope he makes a cameo in a skit or two in addition to working his pipes and dance moves on the musical stage!

Watch Usher + Will Ferrell’s ‘SNL’ Promo Video

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