9-yr-old Helps Upstate Rescue Team Locate 3 Kids Lost on Mountain

When 3 kids in Fulton County went missing for a period of time on Sunday, the oldest, a 9-year-old, helped dispatchers and emergency personnel pinpoint their location for a successful recovery.

This had to have been a harrowing experience for the 3 kids involved - all under 10 - lost and stranded on top of a mountain.

With the exception of a few bumps and bruises, the 3 kids (ages 6, 9, and 9) all returned home safely after a Sunday ordeal they'll never forget when according to the Caroga Lake Fire Department,  at 5:08 PM on Sunday, a call came in for 3 kids lost in the woods. Shortly after, a rescue team was dispatched for a search and rescue operation in the Town of Bleecker, County Route 112 near Bump Road.

Photo: Google Maps
Town of Bleecker, County Route 112 near Bump Road.

At that point, the emergency response team needed to figure out the children's whereabouts and were able to do so thanks to one of the 9-year-olds who stayed on with a communication specialist who helped with their coordinates.

"The Communication specialist at the Fulton County Communications center kept the 9- year-old on the line and plotted their exact location and kept the rescue team continuously advised of the children's status," the Caroga Lake Fire Department wrote in a release.

Approximately 30 minutes after the call came in, an ATV rescue team made contact with the lost children who were located safely on top of a mountain one-half mile away from the road.

Family and friends of the lost children praised the work done by everyone out in Fulton County who helped prevent something disastrous from happening.

A man named Robert Cozzolino who said he's the great-grandfather of one of the 9-year-olds left a message on the Caroga Lake Fire Department Facebook page thanking them for their courageous work while offering praise to his brave great-granddaughter who kept her cool under duress.  Here's what he wrote:

"Thank You to all those who were involved in returning Our Great Granddaughter safely home... She was taught to stay still and wait for help, and she was the one who had a cell phone and stayed on (the) line... I am so proud of her."

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