Zach Wilson didn't play a single snap on a football field this weekend, and yet, it was one of the craziest weekends of professional career.

The sudden tumult in Wilson's life had nothing to do with his acumen on the gridiron, but rather, came from his personal life. Nosy social media users began to unearth dirt on Wilson's love life, and discovered a few interesting trends from relationships both past and present.

Naturally, football fans across New York were quick to react, and a firestorm was created.

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The Backstory Behind Zach Wilson's Rollercoaster Love Life

Tik Tok user @jackmacbarstool posted a video chronicling Wilson's rollercoaster of a love life, and the information in the video quickly spread to Twitter, where it blew up.

Here's the original Tik Tok video:

@jackmacbarstool #nfl #jets #zachwilson #football #nyjets ♬ original sound - JackMacBarstool

The cliff notes of the video, and the main bullet points of Wilson's love life, are as follows:

  • Wilson and his girlfriend recently parted ways
  • Wilson was best friends with Dax Milne, who was a star wide receiver for BYU during Wilson's final year in college
  • Milne recently posted on Instagram with Wilson's ex-girlfriend, signaling to followers that the two were in a relationship
  • Wilson's ex-girlfriend, Abbey Gile, responded to negative comments on Instagram by alleging that Wilson had relations with a close friend of his own mother

There is A LOT to digest from this story. Most importantly, the final bullet point has been called into question, and may end up being a false accusation. To this point, no one has found any concrete evidence that can prove Gile's theory.

The rest of it, however, seems to be rooted in fact, including this Instagram post from Milne, which has the comment section turned off:




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A post shared by Dax Milne (@dax_milne)

It doesn't seem as though Wilson did anything unsavory (that we know of, or can be proven), but that didn't stop Twitter from having fun at the young quarterback's expense.

NY Jets, NFL Fans React to Zach Wilson Rumors

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