It was a great season for the Albany Patroons and I wish they could've won The Basketball League Championship, but they fell just short of that with an overtime loss to the Shreveport Mavericks last Thursday night.  The Patroons were an impressive 19-0 at home at the Washington Avenue Armory.  They lost the championship at home in an OT thriller in a game I was live at for WNYT NewsChannel13.  I thought they played a great game overall on both ends of the floor.  Now the million dollar question becomes where will head coach Will Brown be next season?  Here is my quick take on this from The Times Union:

With the success Will Brown had in his first year as head coach and General Manager of the Albany Patroons, I would be surprised if he’s not back next season. The Patroons have an offer on the table, and unless Brown lands a college head coaching job, there are plenty of good reasons to return. He’s proven he can also coach at the Professional level and he has some unfinished business to take of because the Patroons didn’t win the championship. Brown will be a head coach somewhere next season, and it makes most sense that it’s with the Patroons.

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Albany v Florida
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MJ and I discussed the Patroons championship game and season on Friday morning right here on Big Board Sports.  Below is our full conversation on this.

I hope that Will Brown returns to the Albany Patroons next season as he did an awesome job adjusting to coaching professional basketball.  But wherever he ends up, he will succeed that I can guarantee you.

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