The way the weather works in Upstate New York, we are always ready to ride the roller coaster.

Ya know, it is usually around this time of year the weather starts getting a little crazy here in the Capital Region. It can be shifty in the summer, but nothing like the swift changes the cooler months can bring. That shiftiness will literally shift into gear this weekend.


If this photo above depicts you going as long as possible without turning your heat on this fall, this may be the weekend that you finally give in!

After some unseasonably warm temperatures the last few days in the region, we are making a 180 shift in the other direction, which will be indicative of the first half of October according to Accuweather.

Accuweather Predicts October "Temperature Roller Coaster" For Upstate New York

Accuweather says throughout the Northeast this weekend we can expect much colder temperatures, kicking what will be up-and-down temperatures through the middle of the month. This weekend it will feel more like November with a high of only 56 in Albany Saturday,  and overnight lows in areas like the Adirondacks could get into the 20s overnight Friday. Towards the end of the weekend that cooling change will again take a turn, as we get back into the 60s next week.

But don't get too comfortable, because believe it or not, we are getting close to the average time window where we could see our first snowfall here in the Capital Region. That could be just weeks away!

Albany's First Snowfall: The Date You Should Expect To See White

As we enjoy the splendor of Fall here in Upstate New York, we all know what is lurking in the near future - snow and winter fun! And guess what? The flakes will be flying and the Weather Channel says we could get that first measurable Albany snowfall in about ONE MONTH!

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