Man, I used to love the TV show "Unsolved Mysteries." Robert Stack would tell the tale of an unsolved crime, unexplained history, or some kind of paranormal event. Then he would end each story with the same lines, "If you or someone you know has any information regarding this case....." viewers were encouraged to provide information that might solve the mystery. Unsolved Mysteries ran from 1987 to 2010 in several different forms.

Now it's getting a full reboot from Netflix, but unfortunately, Robert Stack is no longer with us to host. The series is being "refreshed" by Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy and will be done as a full documentary-style show without a host...because really, who could replace Robert Stack and his will focus on one story per episode and is slated for 12 episodes this season.

The first episode of Netflix's reimagined Unsolved Mysteries is coming up July 1st and it focuses on a local famous UFO incident that happened in Pittsfield, MA, less than an hour southeast of the Capital Region. The episode is titled "Berkshires UFO" according to the story on

So what is the Berkshires UFO? In September 1969 a family was riding home in their station wagon when they were suddenly bathed in bright amber light. What happened next is the unsolved mystery. The family remembers bits and pieces of their alien abduction, being in some kind of hanger with other beings, and then suddenly they were back in their station wagon, but they had switched seats and they had lost more than two hours. More than 40 people in the area came forward to report witnessing strange lights that night.

There's even a monument on the spot of the UFO abduction that the locals call, "our nation's first off-world/UFO incident." according to The Berkshire Eagle.

The new "Unsolved Mysteries" premieres with the first six episodes available for streaming on Netflix on July 1st.

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