After being tried and convicting in the court of Facebook Public opinion... There would probably be an execution if possible online. The three young women who claimed to be attacked on the CDTA drunk bus, were arraigned in court today. According to Times Union all three pleaded not guilty;

Ariel Agudio of Huntington, Suffolk County; Alexis Briggs of Elmira Heights, Chemung County; and Asha Burwell of Huntington Station, Suffolk County, all 20, with misdemeanor assault in connection with the Jan. 30 fracas aboard the bus. They are being arraigned by Judge Rachel Kretser

This whole issue has truly proved how you can sway public opinion so easily with the media at first people were upset that a incident would take like this. After weeks and weeks of videos being held from the public, the video was finally released and shows the three women beating up on a man. The audio is not clear enough to make a determination on whether racial slurs were said, as the women had earlier claimed.  Common sense will tell you these women didn't just hop on this man for no reason.

This whole thing in my opinion has been over dramatized, by the women and the media. The most concerning thing about this case to me. Is how it has brought out truly racist views from people who are applauding these girls being caught "lying" about the incident.

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The comment section of this story is ugly .... racism is alive and active in the comment section.