The Molly faze won't die. Tyga spoon-feeds the drug to listeners with his new track named after the "lady" these rappers can't seem to get enough of.

'Molly' also features Wiz Khalifa and producer Mally Mall. The track is a loop of a computerized voice saying "Molly" and the two rappers pouring out lines dedicated to her.

Tyga can't have fun without her, rapping, "I show up at that party, like where the f--- that Molly?" While Wiz seems to stay a bit more loyal to his usual drug of choice as he raps, "She had me smoking up my reefer."

Outside of that, the two spittas brag about their bank accounts, jewelry on their wrists and how fly their whips are. Do they truly love molly, or is she only here 'till the next hot "girl" comes around?

Meanwhile, Tyga will be releasing his next album, 'Hotel California,' in March 2013.

Listen to Tyga's 'Molly' Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Mally Mall