Never get a club owner pissed off. In the case of Tyga, he almost lost his life when going head-to-head against a club owner in Geneva, Switzerland.

According to TMZ, the Compton rapper was involved in a fistfight with a Swiss club owner because he arrived fashionably late and only performed for 10 minutes.

According to sources, Tyga was scheduled to play a show at club Envouge Geneve for an hour. However, the "Rack City" completely ignored protocol and arrived very late. When he arrived, he only performed for 10 minutes and scurried out the doors after he finished.

As Tyga attempted to leave with his rumored girlfriend Kylie Jenner who was awaiting in their luxury vehicle, the club owner pursued him in hopes of getting an explanation for the brief performance.

Instead of handling the matter peacefully, things escalated into a brawl. After witnessing the enraged owner wild out, Tyga hopped out of his car and tried to get involved in the scuffle. Then, an eyewitness claims that someone from the owner's crew pulled out a gun, which forced Tyga to run away for safety, leaving his bodyguards behind. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

Moral of the story: never ever test your luck against a club owner, especially if they paid you a boatload of cash for you to perform.

Reps for Tyga had no comment on the matter.

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