Talk about staying true to your word. J. Cole kept his promise to one of his fans by attending her high school graduation, after she penned him a letter and cited him as her inspiration to go to college.

Two years ago, J. Cole and Ceirra Bosarge had an agreement which entailed having the rapper attend her high school graduation. Bosarge wrote a letter to the "Runaway" rapper and explained how he inspired her to take the next step and attend college. Upon hearing that, Cole vowed to attend her graduation, if she kept her grades up and was accepted by a four-year college.

"I read your letter twice now. You are so strong, I admire you. I will be at your graduation...Only IF you get into a 4 year university. Go!" exclaimed the North Carolina rapper.

According to Bosarge's Instagram, she has been accepted to two of the nine colleges she applied to.

In hopes of attending her graduation, Cole specifically arranged his Dollar and a Dream tour around her big day. Bosrage did the damn thing and was fortunate enough to have Hollywood Cole witness her walk up onstage and receive her diploma.

Cole continued showing love to the youngster by giving her some books and by promising to help pay her college tuition.

What a guy! Other rappers take note.

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