Nipsey Hussle exemplifies success, especially for an independent artist. With Lauren London around his arm and having a string of successful albums under his belt, it's safe to say he's that guy, right? Well, Hussle's luck just went sour. According to TMZ, the Cali rapper was arrested for possession of codeine in L.A.

This past Wednesday (June 24), Nipsey was apprehended by Burbank police. First, he was driving without license plates after a late-night studio session. Then, when the cops asked for his registration, they noticed a bottle of codeine, a bottle of soda, and styrofoam cups on deck. If you know anything about rap, you know that's every rapper's favorite concoction.

Upon seeing those ingredients, cops arrested Hussle and he was taken to jail. Fortunately for Nip, he was bailed out.

The Marathon creator is coming off another successful release. On New Year's Eve, he released his ninth official mixtape, Mailbox Money, which was a follow-up to last his musical endeavor, Crenshaw. After selling copies of Crenshaw for $100 a pop, he upped the ante on Mailbox Money by selling his albums for $1000 a copy.

Hopefully, Nip can steer clear from drama.

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