What is the world coming to? People will do anything for entertainment.

These two young men had nothing else better to do but destroy thousands of dollars worth of Walmart's merchandise by spraying deer urine all over the items.

According to Fox23, 18-year-old Cody Hudson and 24-year-old Jon Ohlman sprayed shoes, fabrics, and toys with doe urine at the Owasso location on Saturday.

Their moronic actions resulted in an estimated $2,500 worth of damage. Fox21 reports that witnesses recalled seeing as many as six suspects doing the same, but Hudson and Ohlman admitted to full responsibility after being arrested shortly after.

Well ... what else can be said? These two guys are idiots. Why in the world would you have enough doe urine to spray all over a store? I hope the legal system doesn't take it easy on these two guys this was just plain old stupid.