He got as far as the parking lot of a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings, where he was shot in the back of the head in a volley of 16 bullets fired by Armstead

-New York Post


An NYPD cop turned the gun on himself after he shot and killed a man believed to be having an affair with his wife in a horribly tragic love triangle that turned bloody in Upstate, New York over the weekend.

According to the New York Post, NYPD cop Sean Armstead, 36, called in sick to work on Sunday so that he could hunt down his wife of 9 years, Alexandra Vanderheyden, 35, and her younger lover, a 20-year-old dog-walker named Edward Wilkins, who authorities say she was having the affair with.

According to the report, the tragic Sunday began when the secret lovers - driving in separate cars -  checked into a hotel, a La Quinta Inn in Wallkill, NY (about 88 miles south of Albany) around 3:45 p.m. Sunday.

Photo: Google Maps
Albany to Wallkill, NY - about 88 miles.

From there, the two had some dinner at an area Golden Corral restaurant, followed by a visit to a nearby Dave & Busters.  At approximately 10:45 PM, Vanderheyden - thinking that her husband was down in the city ready to start his late-night shift with the NYPD -  jumped in her own car, while Wilkins drove his, and they proceeded to head back to the hotel.

That's where things took a tragic turn in this love triangle.

Sources working on the case believe that an enraged Armstead was tracking his wife through her cellphone, and according to the report, "chased down Wilkins as both drove on NY-211, crashing his vehicle into his love rival’s car and spinning it around on the state highway."

Both cars eventually came to rest and Wilkins jumped out and tried to make a run for it, and that's when the jealous cop pulled out his gun and fired 16 shots, hitting Wilkins in the back of the head, killing his wife's lover,  before turning the gun on himself according to the report.

The deadly altercation took place outside of a Buffalo Wild Wings, and Vanderheyden told police that she had been following Wilkins on her way back to the hotel, and saw both bodies in separate pools of blood upon arriving at the scene.

According to the NY Post, authorities in Wallkill said several agencies are involved in the investigation of this murder-suicide.

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