Have you seen the cost of a dozen eggs lately? Typically this purchase would run you approximately $1.50/dozen. In many markets today most cartons are priced over $2/dozen and in some places over $3! Why is that?

Something is happening at New York State farms to the North, South, East and West. Farmers report having to kill entire flocks of chickens. When you have far fewer chickens, you have far fewer eggs. Less eggs, higher prices. Is something similar happening to the Bald Eagle population in New York as well?

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Recently the DEC announced that the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza virus has been found in multiple wild bird species in several areas of New York State. This bird flu is affecting chicken farms. If the flu is detected in just 1 bird, the entire flock must be put down. Is this bird flu killing our Bald Eagles as well?

According to Syracuse.com, at least 9 Bald Eagles have died in New York, and over 50 around the country, due to the Avian Flu. The latest outbreak has led to the culling of about 37 million chickens and turkeys in U.S. farms since February.

Lainie Rae
Lainie Rae

Here are the New York Counties where the Avian Flu has been detected in captive chickens, pheasants, and ducks.

  • Dutchess
  • Ulster
  • Monroe
  • Fulton

The Avian Flu was detected in free-ranging wild birds in these New York Counties:

  • Cayuga
  • Clinton
  • Montgomery
  • Monroe
  • Onondaga
  • Seneca
  • Suffolk
  • Nassau
  • Livingston
  • Wayne

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