Attention Actors in Upstate New York:

There's a casting call next month for residents of Upstate NY as a local filmmaker will be making a short film based upon a Stephen King story published back in 1985 called, "The Monkey."

According to a tweet by Film Schenectady, a local filmmaker is looking to fill as many as three roles, non-union wages of $211 per day, for a short film to be made in the Capital Region in June.

What's the Movie?

Saratoga County filmmaker Spencer Sherry told the Times Union that after reading "The Monkey," a 1985 short story written by legendary author of horror Stephen King, he was inspired to make the short film, but needed King's permission first.

"The Monkey," is about a cursed, cymbal-banging toy found in an attic by two young brothers.  They would later learn that every time it claps the mechanical cymbals together, someone bad happens and they suspect the monkey has something to do with their father's strange disappearance.

The Rock Bottom Remainders
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According to the Times Union, Sherry needed permission to adapt “The Monkey,” and after a series of exchanges "involving various agents and assistants" Sherry received approval.

It turns out the master of horror himself, Stephen King himself gave Sperry permission to use use the previously unapproved story.

Where are they Filming?

While the location for the film shoot has yet to be announced, Sherry intends on keeping it as close to home as possible telling the TU that he's "very invested in making this film a product of the Capital Region proper, and trying to let as many artists and creatives in the area get a little piece of it and say they could be a part of it.”

The filming will take place later this June.

Here's what Sperry is Looking For:




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