Tupac’s ex girlfriend is looking to sell a picture of Pac’s genitals

It seems like everybody is looking to capitalize on something, even off of the deceased. According to TMZ, Tupac’s ex girlfriend is planning to sell a photo of Tupac’s genitalia. Tupac was known for his rap ability, acting and challenging of social issues. It’s 2017 and he’s still making headlines for issues that are prevalent today.


Pac had a history of exposing himself to his friend and his ex warned him that she would take a photo of his exposed penis if continued, and that she did! She is now selling the photo of his penis for about $7,500 but, if she can’t receive the asking price she will sell it to the heist bidder. I’m sure and art connoisseur will want to buy and frame a picture of a legend even if it’s of his genitalia right? Tell us what you think was this a little too far?

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