A healthcare business in Troy, NY is turning 40.

According to The Record (Troy, NY),  Adept Healthcare Service Inc. is celebrating 40 years of caring for clients in the comfort of their own homes. The Troy company was started in 1978 by Karen Murphy and is still going strong 40 years later meeting the needs of the community with with excellent in-home healthcare. The company was the first in the Capital Region area to become a licensed home healthcare agency and the first. Other firsts for the company include being the first to to serve a patient with a central venous catheter at home and the first to care for a medical ventilator-dependent individual in their home.  Karen Murphy, a stillwater native and nurse, said " I began to realize that I could affect people's health more at home," before starting up her business in 1978. And from what we can see she was right and has done well.

Wishing a happy 40th to Adept Healthcare Service Inc.!

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